Cere is one of the major project pioneering in  building future of consumer data, e-commerce, and NFTs. They are part of Polkadot and Cosmos ecosystem, having a common goal of

  • cross-chain interoperability between multiple blockchain networks and
  • offer a true data security & privacy, and
  • scalable global decentralized ecosystem for all businesses and consumers.


Cere is backed by top investors like Arrington XRP Capital, Fenbushi Capital, NGC Ventures, pSquare Capital and many others.

Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC): allows stakeholders to own and manage their data with full custody, making it the first platform that gives them 100% control over any data use or deployment. Cere  anonymizes and encrypts individual-level customer data through blockchain, which can be exchanged with business partners and analyzed on Cere’s open and on-demand data marketplaces.

Cere’s Open Data Marketplace (ODM) is free from any traditional vendor lock-ins used by organizations like Salesforce, Oracle & Adobe. Utilizing this Decentralized Data Cloud, the Cere team is currently rolling out several enterprise projects and its own proprietary NFT platform.


Let us understand why CERE has used blockchain to implement their vision and project:

  • Blockchain brings trust, accountability, and transparency to digital transactions and secure, shared, and distributed ledger for transactions. Cere abstracts the identity of every user across all apps/sites by using a drop-in blockchain wallet. Each user session gets locked in the Interplanetary Linked Data (IPLD) in the data structure of IPFS, subsequently, the verifiable data hash is locked into blockchain transactions. These data blocks can not be influenced or be changed, making each customer journey a reliable source of truth. This process allows Cere’s AI agents to optimize and automate personalized data-driven smart user engagement decisions.


The Cere ecosystem provides a SaaS-DeFi smart contracti platform that will offer network members to handily mobilize financial assets set them to work in (DeFi). Instead of having this capital sidelined in the SaaS area because of inefficiency in charge and agreement mechanisms, companies will open up new sales streams and offer a whole lot-wanted capital inflow to the DeFi space.


Cere Network will be supporting NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) as CERE’s DDC offers a set of plug-and-play utilities that can be extended to any other NFT compatible network as well. Cere can uniquely capture the prime event data related to the issuance, transfers, and access of tokens, ensuring that the state changes of the NFT are captured both on-chain and in the DDC, both going through network consensus. This allows for fully automated verifications and value-transfer via smart contracts and workflow software to capture much more information and utility.

Cere is currently in the process of launching a NFT platform in collaboration with Polygon, which will be released soon. Cere Network launched DaVinci, the world’s first NFT-backed content monetization platform. DaVinci is the (first) Web3 Media & Experience Platform built by Cere Network in collaboration with Polygon and Polygon Studios. Via creator-issued subscription NFTs, fans can unlock exclusive content that co-functions as NFT collectibles. With DaVinci, the asset that is backed by the NFT is truly and uniquely owned by the fan, stored on Cere Network’s Decentralized Data Cloud.


For Cere, 2021 changed into a momentous year as they achieved numerous milestones. Cere token was launched and got listed on HuobiKucoin and other small exchanges. With Cere being in Binance Labs Portfolio, PSquare expects it to be listed on Binance. We wish our portfolio project Cere Network all the best for all the future developments creating a truly decentralized world.

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